May 10, 2013

check out our new logo!!

How awesome is this?  I can't get over how much I LOVE it.  A HUGE thank you to Jaclyn Lantis of Lantis Photography & Design!

I officially feel legit now in the blog world!  Sorry for all the exclaiming, I'm just a little excited.  I love the simplicity of the logo and the super cute explorer is Lucky, our chihuahua.  

Jaclyn is super easy to work with.  She starts by asking what ideas you have.  I am not the most creative person in the world, so I honestly didn't have much.  I obviously knew I wanted a lighthouse and I also wanted Lucky.  I kind of thought about having some type of lighthouse family, but that ended up looking way too busy.  So, basically Jaclyn came up with a few ideas and emailed them to me.  I picked what I liked best, then we tweaked it a little.  I also thought I wanted more colors, but that ended up looking like school colors.  I love how the only thing in color is Lucky's little body.

So, check out Lantis Photography & Design on Facebook for all your design needs.  She does custom logos and decals.  It doesn't matter where you live, it is all done my phone and email.  She is also a photographer and is willing to travel for weddings. 

disclaimer-Lantis Photography & Design provided this logo to me in exchange for my review and advertising on my blog.  The opinions are mine and I was not told in any way what to say.

April 15, 2013

Shellcation 2013 hightlight reel

Well, the Stewart family has safely returned from our fourth successful road trip.  Our first one was before we became lighthouse explorers, we went to Chattanooga, TN to ride on Thomas.  The second was called Roadtrip Endeavour, we went to the Space Coast in an effort to see the very last space shuttle launch.  Sadly, the launch was scrubbed and we had to watch it on TV after we got back to Michigan (we still had an awesome vacation, though).  The third was back to Daytona, we loved it so much that we wanted to return! Plus, we won two free nights at the hotel we stayed at the previous year from a photo contest they had.


This one was called, "Shellcation".  We stayed in Fort Myers and rented a boat and visited the little intercoastal islands, most of which you can't get to by car.  We explored three new (to us) lighthouses, saw dolphins daily and had perfect weather.  These are some of the highlights of Shellcation 2013.  It took me a full week home to even get to the point where I can start to make some posts.  After eleven days of not doing laundry or checking mail, I had a lot to catch up on.  Plus, immediately jumping back in to the kids busy schedules.  Over the next few weeks I will do day by day full on posts of the entire vacay, just as I have done in the past.

This vacation was monumental for Lighthouse Explorations.  It was our first ever partially sponsored trip.  We'd really like to thank the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre, Castle Golf, Pink Shell and Boca Grande Marina for having us!  I will report all the deets in future posts, but they were all amazing!

Whisper - rescued baby owl
Gracie - rescued baby cow
horse back riding
dive-in movie
Easter morning
dinner theatre
intercoastal waterways
put put
Captain John
Cabbage Key
Cabbage Key
Sanibel Island Lighthouse
Fort Myers Beach
pool time 
Gasparilla Island Lighthouse
Port Boca Grande Lighthouse
getting lighthouse passport stamps
rain go away dance
Sanibel Island
Cheeburger Cheeburger

These are just some highlights.  Stay tuned for details of each fun filled day.  We got three new stamps in our passports!  Some of you that follow us on instagram may have see some of these already.  For those of you that haven't you can follow us here.