November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Just when it was looking like there would be no lighthouse news for a while, Black Friday came. My parents, sister and brother-in-law spent Thanksgiving weekend at our house.  Friday morning we didn't get up crazy early, but with three little kids we're always up pretty early anyway.  So, my mom and I decided to brave it and head out.  We ran into a few stores and I think we hit them at the perfect times. The super early people seemed to be done already and the later people didn't start yet.  We didn't stand in any long lines at all.  I was already done with most of my shopping, but I still wanted to pick up a few things.  The boys LOVE Thomas the Tank Engine.  I found the perfect gifts for them at a local toy store.  Their three favorite things all combined - trains, lighthouses and airplanes!  When we came back Aunt Kristen and the boys were making crafts and already had a lot of my Christmas decorating done for me. This was a GREAT Black Friday!