May 10, 2013

check out our new logo!!

How awesome is this?  I can't get over how much I LOVE it.  A HUGE thank you to Jaclyn Lantis of Lantis Photography & Design!

I officially feel legit now in the blog world!  Sorry for all the exclaiming, I'm just a little excited.  I love the simplicity of the logo and the super cute explorer is Lucky, our chihuahua.  

Jaclyn is super easy to work with.  She starts by asking what ideas you have.  I am not the most creative person in the world, so I honestly didn't have much.  I obviously knew I wanted a lighthouse and I also wanted Lucky.  I kind of thought about having some type of lighthouse family, but that ended up looking way too busy.  So, basically Jaclyn came up with a few ideas and emailed them to me.  I picked what I liked best, then we tweaked it a little.  I also thought I wanted more colors, but that ended up looking like school colors.  I love how the only thing in color is Lucky's little body.

So, check out Lantis Photography & Design on Facebook for all your design needs.  She does custom logos and decals.  It doesn't matter where you live, it is all done my phone and email.  She is also a photographer and is willing to travel for weddings. 

disclaimer-Lantis Photography & Design provided this logo to me in exchange for my review and advertising on my blog.  The opinions are mine and I was not told in any way what to say.