February 23, 2013

White River Light Station

location-Whitehall, MI
players-Jen, Lincoln, Spencer, Jackson, Manya and Grandpa

So, our first exploration was so fun we decided to have our next adventure the very next day. Today we picked White River Light Station in Whitehall, MI.    We had our Lake Michigan Circle Tour and Lighthouse Map and we had general directions, but didn't know exactly where the lighthouse was.  On our way into Whitehall we happened to drive right by the Whitelake Area Chamber of Commerce Information Center.

That turned out to be a fun adventure in itself.  The ladies that worked there were very helpful.  They gave us good directions and recommended other things in the area to do after the lighthouse.  The building is  an old train station, but the tracks have been removed and have been turned into a bike path.  There is also and old caboose in the back that has been turned into a museum.  The boys LOVE trains, so this was a fun surprise.

pretending to wash in the sink
a baby on a shelf

On to the lighthouse!  It turns out that the lighthouse keeper has been working for years on turning it into a museum.  She has done a great job of attaining and displaying all kinds of lighthouse and maritime artifacts.  The grounds are beautiful and very well maintained.  They do have a stamp and a gift shop, but they are all out of passports.  Bummer, hopefully we'll find them soon, then we'll have to come back and get stamped.

inside the tower
inside the museum
inside the museum
inside the museum-this library traveled
 between lighthouses on the ships
inside the museum-
part of the traveling library
inside the museum
inside the museum
inside the museum
inside the tower
short walk to the beach

After the lighthouse, we headed about a half hour north to Country Dairy in New Era.  It's a family owned dairy farm with a restaurant and store.  Good sandwiches, delicious cheese and all you can drink milk.  Of course, the kids got chocolate.  At least for the first two cups, then I had them switch to white.  You can also do a tour and they have a playground.  We skipped the tour this time, it was too hot out, but we'll definitely go back again.

Spencer milking the cow
Lincoln milking the cow