September 17, 2011

slooooow poster

Well, as some of you may have noticed, I have been very slow to post lately.  To say I am way behind is a huge understatement.  I can offer you a few (at least in my mind) good excuses valid reasons.  The first six are named--Lincoln, Spencer, Jackson, Lucky, Mike & T-bone.  The first three are kids, the last three are pets.  After that, the only explanation I can offer is, as Kid Rock says, "summer time in northern Michigan", with some east and west side action thrown in.  
Our summer was action packed and with three boys four and under there just isn't much brain activity left for mommy at the end of the night.  I did finally get our April vacation completed. Here's the first full day and here's the last.  I ended up doing 29 posts on that vacay.  That was one FUN vacation!
I also went back through all my posts and changed the dates to the actual date that it happened.  My main reason for doing that is that I am planning on getting this blog printed into a book annually and I wanted everything in order.  That's just the way I roll.
So, now Lincoln and Spencer have turned five and have started kindergarten.  I can't say that I will have any more time on my hands.  In fact, it seems like less, but I think having a routine will be good for everyone.  Although, now that I have two weeks of being a mom of school children under my belt, I do already miss not being able to just pick up on a weekday and decide to head out of town on a moment's notice.  
Pentwater Pierhead Light

We have tons of adventures  and lots of lighthouse visits to share over the next few months.  I will try to stay more consistent and get my posts out faster.  In the mean time you can look at the pics below to see where some of our time went over the summer. 
Also, I have an interactive list at the top of the page.  It's called, "where we've been".  It lists all the lighthouses that I have posted about so far by state.  If you click on the name of the lighthouse it will take you to the post about it.  Lots more to come!
In addition to that, I have an interactive map on the right side of the page.  If you click on that it will take you to a larger map.  You have a couple different options there.  You can either click on the name of the lighthouse on the left side (they are listed in the order in which we've seen them) or click on the flag.  Either way it will show the name of the lighthouse in blue, that is a direct link to the post about that lighthouse visit.
Have fun exploring!!
petting a blue tongued lizard
Hardy Dam

tooth fairy visit
The Verve Pipe
race track
watching ducks & turtles
playing baseball
Spencer & Lincoln's 5th birthday party & Grandpa's 61st
green eggs & ham breakfast
Grand Haven

Thomas time
Home Depot kids clinic
meeting the Berenstain Bears
Grand Haven

there's too many people in my tent!
Lincoln & Grandpa laying tile
mapping out our next adventure
nap time

watching the Cherry Festival Air Show

 Cherry Festival Air Show
ice cream truck

Baywatch babe

Elk Rapids
4th of July fireworks over East Bay
cherry pie eating contest-Cherry Festival
looking for Petoskey Stones with Uncle Beau
Petoskey Pier Light-in the background
smore time
beautiful Charlevoix sunset

Kilwins Chocolate Kitchen Tour

Pentwater Pier Lights
haircuts times 3

South Haven

petting sting rays
riding a camel
grocery store

fish fry from their catch

fishing-Crooked Lake

beautiful sunset-Crooked Lake

McGulpin Point Lighthouse-in the tower

Mackinaw City

Might Mac

Friday Night Live-Traverse City

picking flowers for mommy

on board the LYNX in Frankfort

Traverse City Film Festival

Suttons Bay
East Bay

Sleeping Bear Dunes

just became Junior Rangers

Frankfort North Breakwater Lighthouse

Frankfort North Breakwater Lighthouse-in the background

Traverse City (where they were born!)

West Bay in Traverse City
Lincoln-first day of kindergarten

Spencer-first day of kindergarten