September 8, 2011

WE WON!!! Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort

Last April, we went on Road Trip Endeavour to see the shuttle launch. We covered a lot of ground and had the best time ever!  Here is the first of 29 posts on Road Trip Endeavour, check them out, there are some great ideas for anyone heading south.  Anyway, we made Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort our home base, for most of the trip.  Did I mention oceanfront?  It's hard to pick a favorite part of a vacation that included so many fun activities, but oceanfront really makes it.  Even if your out doing stuff during the day, you can still start your day with an outdoor made to order omelet watching the waves crashing in.  And you can end your day with a walk on the beach.  How can you top that?

A few months after we got back home, the Daytona Beach Hilton had a beach photo contest. Guess who won?  WE DID!!!!!!!!!!  You could enter up to three photos and this is the one that did it.  I strongly agree with the judges!

winning photo

winning announcement

Here are our other two entries.  Pretty cute, too.  They really couldn't go wrong with any of these. ;')

Spencer and Lincoln
The prize pack was awesome!  We were treated to two free nights, incredible breakfast buffets both mornings for the entire family, movie tickets with popcorn, beach pails and shovels for the kids and Lincoln and Spencer each got their own backpack.  The backpacks just happened to be in each of their favorite colors.  They were beyond excited.  They wore them everywhere, and I mean everywhere, we went the entire vacation. 

kids prize pack
wearing their backpacks at Gatorland
wearing their backpacks at McDonalds
enjoying our breakfast buffet outside while smelling the ocean air
playing with their beach buckets
enjoying our popcorn
at the movies
Thanks, Daytona Beach Hilton!!  As you can see, we fully enjoyed ourselves.  We have a whole lot of posts coming up to prove it!

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