September 19, 2010

Grand Haven Lighthouse

location-Grand Haven, MI
active beacon-the entire catwalk is lit
stamp-yes, at the Grand Haven Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
players-Jen, John, Lincoln, Spencer and Jackson

It was the last weekend before the boys started pre-school, so we wanted to have a fun family day.  It was too cold to go to the beach, but nice enough to want to be outside all day.  So, after church we headed to Grand Haven.  As always, we must find food before anything else can occur.  When we are with the kids we pretty much usually pick the first kid friendly place we see. Hungry kids are bad news.  We found a restaurant right on the harbor.  It was perfect because we only had to park once for the whole day.  The kids are starting to be able to buckle themselves, but reloading takes a while and it's nice to avoid whenever possible.

Now, on to the main attraction...

A good time was had by all.  By the way, they do have a stamp.  But, it's at the visitors bureau, and it's closed on Sundays.  These boys are still stampless.

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