how it all began

I am creating this blog as a journal for our kids. When they are older they can look back on all the fun adventures we had as a family. This adventure began when Lincoln & Spencer were only 3 & Jackson wasn't even 1 yet, so they may need help remembering.

It all started in July 2010.  My mom and dad came to visit for the 4th of July, then we were all going to head up to Traverse City for the Cherry Festival.  They left before us and stopped in Ludington.  While they were there they checked out the lighthouse.  My mom saw lighthouse passports in the gift shop.   They look like U.S. passports & you get them stamped at each lighthouse you go to, very cool.  Unfortunately,  she left her purse in the car and didn't have any money with her.  But the whole passport thing sounded like something fun we could do with the kids & they could feel like they accomplished something each time they got a stamp.

Once we got started we were hooked.  I've lived in the Great Lakes state my whole life & never realized how many super cute small lake towns there are.  We have barely begun our adventure & have already had so much fun.  Each time we visit a lighthouse I check out ahead of time what fun things there are to do nearby.

As I said, this whole thing began last July & it is now January.  So, over this winter I will chronicle each adventure we have already had.  Then, starting in the spring I will keep it up to date.  I hope you enjoy our journey!