July 26, 2011


I am so excited to announce our first ever giveaway.  Rob & Sue Wallace have created the ultimate Michigan Lighthouse App for iPhone, iPod or iPad.

"With 3,126 miles of coastline, Michigan has over 120 lighthouses to see and they are all included in this app. For each lighthouse you will see photos, historical descriptions, which lighthouses you can visit, towers you can climb, museums to enjoy, lighthouse location, phone numbers, times to visit, links to national parks and additional sites, and which lighthouses are part of a Lighthouse Keepers Association that have volunteer keeper programs for periods that range from weekend duty to two years Schepler's Ferry in Mackinaw and Keweenaw Excursions in Charlevoix offer lighthouse cruises. Michigan lighthouses in Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and the Straits of Mackinac are all included in the app. Travel the Michigan coastline and enjoy the spectacular scenic views and fascinating history of each lighthouse. Plan a Michigan lighthouse trip with the family this summer!"

I got my app last week and I LOVE it!!!

Check it out  -- Michigan Lighthouses

PRIZE:  Michigan Lighthouses App
TO ENTER:  Tell me your fav lighthouse on our FB page (if you have a pic, you can add it for fun)  and fill out the form below.
GIVEAWAY CLOSES:  July 31, 2011 midnight
RULES:  Void where prohibited.  No purchase necessary to enter.  Winner will be selected using random.org and announced as an update to this post on Monday.  I will also notify the winner by email.  You also agree to have FUN explorations of your own with your family. 

And the winner is -- Hike Michigan!!

July 14, 2011

Sargent Jackson!!!

This is not lighthouse related, but I just have to share what happened to our littlest explorer this week.  John and I are a little tired of shelling out to pay for four (John & 3 kids) hair cuts all the time, not including mine. So, John thought he would take matters in to his own hands. Jackson is now 19 months old and was overdue for a haircut.  Be prepared this is VERY bad!

so sweet & unsuspecting

my poor baby!!!!

Spencer's reaction--"Daddy, why did you do that to him!?!"

the side view is even better

This was Tuesday evening after dinner, that's why Jax is still in his high chair.  I would like it to be known that I was against this from the beginning.  John wanted to do this for his very first hair cut. I fought him off as long as I could, then I finally relented.  Now it is out of his system FOREVER! Good thing he's little, not to embarrassing for him--just for the rest of us. he he Spencer was seriously upset, that is not a reenactment.  I just happened to still have the camera in my hand when he followed me upstairs.  At first it was a quiet whimper, then full out crying.  I tried to explain that Jackson is just happy to have the hair out of his eyes and he's not sad about it.  Spencer came back with, "but what if he looks in a mirror?"  Oh well, you live, you learn.  We learned we will leave haircuts to professionals, which is where we went the next morning.

Barber Mike trying his best to do some type of repair
say hello to Sargent Jackson!!!

July 8, 2011

Space Shuttle Atlantis - the final launch

If you followed our Road Trip Endeavour, you know we have a love of space.  The final space shuttle launch was both a fun and sad day.  We are very sad to see the program end, but we're excited for the launch.  We woke up early, got on our USA shirts and were ready for the space shuttle Atlantis to blast off.  We turned on NASA TV on the laptop, before anything was on TV.  We found out what the astronauts ate for breakfast before the launch--eggs, fresh fruit and whole wheat toast.  So, that's what we had and now the kids always refer to that as an "astronaut breakfast".  You can view the launch here.

enjoying their astronaut breakfast

We love to get in the spirit of whatever is going on.  For the Endeavour launch we made these homemade space pancakes.  yummy in the tummy!!

Endeavour launch