July 8, 2011

Space Shuttle Atlantis - the final launch

If you followed our Road Trip Endeavour, you know we have a love of space.  The final space shuttle launch was both a fun and sad day.  We are very sad to see the program end, but we're excited for the launch.  We woke up early, got on our USA shirts and were ready for the space shuttle Atlantis to blast off.  We turned on NASA TV on the laptop, before anything was on TV.  We found out what the astronauts ate for breakfast before the launch--eggs, fresh fruit and whole wheat toast.  So, that's what we had and now the kids always refer to that as an "astronaut breakfast".  You can view the launch here.

enjoying their astronaut breakfast

We love to get in the spirit of whatever is going on.  For the Endeavour launch we made these homemade space pancakes.  yummy in the tummy!!

Endeavour launch

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