July 14, 2011

Sargent Jackson!!!

This is not lighthouse related, but I just have to share what happened to our littlest explorer this week.  John and I are a little tired of shelling out to pay for four (John & 3 kids) hair cuts all the time, not including mine. So, John thought he would take matters in to his own hands. Jackson is now 19 months old and was overdue for a haircut.  Be prepared this is VERY bad!

so sweet & unsuspecting

my poor baby!!!!

Spencer's reaction--"Daddy, why did you do that to him!?!"

the side view is even better

This was Tuesday evening after dinner, that's why Jax is still in his high chair.  I would like it to be known that I was against this from the beginning.  John wanted to do this for his very first hair cut. I fought him off as long as I could, then I finally relented.  Now it is out of his system FOREVER! Good thing he's little, not to embarrassing for him--just for the rest of us. he he Spencer was seriously upset, that is not a reenactment.  I just happened to still have the camera in my hand when he followed me upstairs.  At first it was a quiet whimper, then full out crying.  I tried to explain that Jackson is just happy to have the hair out of his eyes and he's not sad about it.  Spencer came back with, "but what if he looks in a mirror?"  Oh well, you live, you learn.  We learned we will leave haircuts to professionals, which is where we went the next morning.

Barber Mike trying his best to do some type of repair
say hello to Sargent Jackson!!!


  1. tell jackson that Sargent uncle beau head has a matching haircut!

  2. Why? Did John get a hold of his lid too?


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