October 15, 2010

Old Mission Point Lighthouse

location-Traverse City, MI
players-Jen, John, Lincoln, Spencer, Jackson, Manya, Grandpa and Hershe

John had a meeting Friday morning in Traverse City.  The boys don't have school on Friday's, so we decided to make a long weekend out of it.  John and I lived in Traverse City for four years and our first two boys were born there.  We love it and try to go back any chance we get.  I was talking to my mom on the phone and mentioned that we were going that weekend and she said that she and my dad were already planning on going that same time.  How perfect.  The boys would get to see Manya and Grandpa and we would have extra help.  Yeah!  
Another cool thing that happened was that I was reading our local Sunday paper and there was an article about the lighthouse on Old Mission Peninsula.  As long as I've been going to TC, this lighthouse has been closed to the public .  The grounds have always been open, but the lighthouse has always been inhabited by the park's manager.  According to the article the lighthouse is now open for tours through October.  The weekend was coming together perfectly.

Old Mission Point Lighthouse painted on the wall in Scalawags
John's meeting was early Friday morning, so we ended up going up Thursday evening.  So, Friday by the time the I was done getting the whole family ready for the day John was done with his meeting and we were all ready for lunch.  We get so excited to visit some of our old favorite restaurants every time we get to Traverse.  We decided on Scalawags. They opened their Traverse City location about a year before we moved.  I used to eat there a lot when I was pregnant (it was one of the few things that stayed down).  It just so happened that the lighthouse we were going to visit after lunch was painted on the wall there.  The boys thought that was really exciting.

Jax with his usual Cheerio mess

After lunch my parents arrived and we headed up Old Mission Peninsula to Old Mission Point Lighthouse.

coffee stop
beautiful view up the peninsula

today's players

nice view

Daddy & Jax checking out the map
busy at the play table

Spencer & Lincoln climbing the tower
Lincoln waiting for Spencer
Yeah!  Jackson made all the way up!
Mommy made it too

Another thing they have at the Lighthouse Park is the Hesler Log House.  Click on the pics to read the info.

grape vines
view of West Bay from the peninsula

Manya & Grandpa
Chateau Grand Traverse


  1. Awesome!! so glad you enjoyed the visit to Traverse City, Michigan. and that you found me on Twitter. NetworkTCmi we are on Facebook as well Network Traverse City, Michigan
    You have a lovely family.


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