March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!
John had an appointment in Traverse City on Friday, so we decided to make a much needed get away out of it.  We haven't been to TC since our lighthouse explorations last October.  We booked a condo at the Tamarack Lodge on East Bay.  It is right on the beach and had gorgeous views from our bedroom and family room.  The boys loved it. They had their own bedroom, bathroom and mini kitchen.  We loved it for the same reasons.  It was really nice and relaxing having so much room.  We didn't have time to visit any real lighthouses on this trip, but we did come across some good faux ones.
painting of Old Mission Point Lighthouse on the wall

Our first stop was lunch at Scalawag's in downtown TC.  John loves their famous wild caught whitefish.  I am a land lubber, so I go for the chicken. Everything is deep fried, but they use zero trans fat oils.  It definitely doesn't qualify as healthy, but it is good quality food and nothing tastes greasy.  Their hush puppies are the best.

after the kids eat their meal they get
 to pick out a shell

Irish bagpipers across the street
watching the bagpipers
After lunch we headed to the lodge to check in and drop off our bags.

our baggage handlers

the lobby

representing Ireland

After checking in we took the kids to the Great Lakes Children's Museum.  It's right across the street from West Bay.
big baby checking out the scene
Captain Stewart
inside the tower

Daddy trying to optimize the channel system
in front of the tower

Now it's time to head back to the lodge and relax. We ordered pizza and had some friends over, fun!

beach time

movie in their bedroom

watching the sunset from the balcony
mirror hugs

this day is done!

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