April 6, 2011

Windmill Point Light

location-Detroit, MI
active beacon-yes
players-Jen, Lincoln, Spencer, Jackson, Manya and Grandpa

John was away for work Monday through Friday.  The boys were on spring break at school. So, I decided to pack us all up and head to Manya and Grandpa's house.  We had a week of cold rainy days, but since Manya and Grandpa may not live on the east side of the state forever we had to get a lighthouse visit in while we were there. Wednesday was Grandpa's only day off and we had a lovely mixture of wind, rain and snow.  Even with all that I talked everyone into braving the elements and heading out.  I wanted to pick a lighthouse that isn't tourable, since those don't open until May.  I came up with Windmill Point Light.  It's in Detroit, right past the border of Grosse Pointe.  

Our activity of the day was visiting the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House, located in Grosse Pointe Shores.  Edsel Ford was the only child of Henry and Clara Ford and became president for Ford Motor Company when he was 25 years old.  He and Eleanor were married in 1916 and began building their home in 1926.  They moved in at Christmas in 1929. They had other vacation homes, but this is the home where they lived and raised their four children.  Eleanor left this home in a trust to be open to the public upon her death in 1976.  The home is still fully furnished with the original furniture and some of the original art pieces.  Quite a few pieces were replicas, the originals were donated to the Detroit Institute of Arts.  

They don't let you take pictures inside the main home mansion, but after that they shuttle you over to the children's play house and the garage.  The play house was really fun.  Everything in it was kid size. It had a family room with fireplace, a working miniature kitchen and a bedroom - every little girl's dream.
the children's playhouse

inside the playhouse

Next, was the garage.  The boys LOVED this! It was full of old cars and even kid size cars.  It definitely left us with a new appreciation of Ford Motor Company.

Lincoln in front of a 1935 Lincoln 

WOAH!  I want one of those
this is VERY serious

they both listened very intently
 to ALL the information

designed their own cars-
the "Spencer" & the "Lincoln"

Our next stop was the main attraction-Windmill Point Light.  This light is at the head of the Detroit River on the west side and is still functioning.  This is the fifth lighthouse built in this spot. The original was built in 1838 and included keepers dwelling.  It was a very wet day, but we had to get out to take pictures.

Since we were in Grosse Pointe we had to stop by the Grosse Pointe War Memorial.  I wanted to show the boys where John & I had our wedding reception.  We didn't walk the grounds, due to the rain, but it was fun to see it again.  The boys were very excited.  They stood up in two weddings recently, so they are really into weddings.

the entrance
one of the gardens
click to read
the name of a WWII veteran - both of our last names

Our final stop before heading home was Burger Pointe.  It's a fairly new very casual burger joint right downtown.  Great burgers and hand dipped shakes.  yum yum

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