April 23, 2011

Road Trip Endeavour-Day 2-Nascar Hall of Fame

With all of our stops (drive thru and 2 gas) and driver switches it took us about 13 hours to make it to Charlotte, NC.  We called the hotel when we were close and they said we could check in early.  We went to breakfast around 7 am, then to the hotel.  As soon as we got in the room and got our bags unloaded, the toilet overflowed all over the room.  First it was just rising and we called for help.  Then it started gushing.  SO GROSS!!!  We had to switch rooms and they gave us free breakfast coupons for our trouble.  Too bad we just ate.  We tried to take naps.  That didn't work out very well, the kids were ready for action.  John managed to get a couple hours.  I tried to keep the kids busy and we went for a walk around the town.  Our hotel was right downtown, and it's a pretty happening town.  We weren't there long enough to check out very  much of it, but it looks really fun.

So, after we rejuvenated a little bit we headed off to the Nascar Hall of Fame.  Since, I am the only girl in this family, these are the types of things we do.  Surprisingly,  a lot of boy stuff is actually pretty fun.  I think it's going to be a lot easier having all boys, than trying to make boys AND girls happy.  We'll see, we're still pretty early on in their little lives.  So far, so good.
The Hall of Fame is really cool.  It's been open less than a year.  It has a ton of old race cars, on a mock racetrack, that you can look at up close.  It also has a lot of artifacts and kid friendly interactive displays.  I've never been a huge Nascar fan, but this place may have gotten me interested.  John and the boys loved it.

this is the "Fabulous Hudson Hornet"-the real car that
Doc Hudson in Cars is named after
this is the inside view
cars on the track with city view behind

in the stands
"How do I get me one of those?"
food time-ain't no thing like a chicken wing

as seen in the Windmill Point Light post,
the boys LOVE information

legos are their favorite thing 
engine testing
where it all began!--we'll be staying on Daytona Beach in a couple days!
After all this, we headed back to the hotel for an early bedtime.  Another big day tomorrow!

This is what Spencer & Lincoln did with their sticker books that were
supposed to keep them busy.  And yes, I see that they are
barefoot in a hotel room & I am even more grossed out than any of you!

pure sweetness

that is one big baby!

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