April 24, 2011

Road Trip Endeavour-Day 3-Savannah Harbor Light

location-Savannah, GA
active beacon-yes
players-Jen, John, Lincoln, Spencer and Jackson

After dinner, we walked around downtown Savannah.  It's a really fun town and so rich in history.  I wish we had more time to spend there.  We headed to Emmet Park where the Old Harbor Light is located. It was erected in 1858 to aid ships entering the harbor.  During World War II the light was turned off.  In 1958, Emmet Park started being developed.  The light was  unstable from rust and erosion and had to be supported with cables.  In 2000, the light was removed, repaired, cleaned and repainted.  In 2001, Old Harbor Light was erected and lit once again.  There was so much to see along the way.


Savannah Cotton Exchange
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the Irish part of the family
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Vietnam Memorial

Vietnam Memorial


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