April 24, 2011

Spencer's tooth fairy visit

The morning after Easter, Spencer was eating a banana and lost his second tooth!  We were still in Georgia, but the tooth fairy was going to have to catch up with him in Florida that night.  He wasn't worried, he knows she can handle it.

toothless breakfast at cool light up table

He lost his first tooth a few weeks prior.  He's only 4, so we were caught totally off guard.  He was brushing his teeth and he came to me in my bathroom with a bloody tooth in his hand.  I had to make some phone calls to make sure it was OK.  I was told it was early, but fine.  So, then we got excited and headed downtown to find a tooth fairy pillow and have a celebratory lunch!  We found some really cute pillows called Toof Puffs.  They had two in the store, so I let Lincoln get one too.  I want to be ready next time.  When they get more in we'll get one for Jackson, then I'll get their names monogrammed on them.

Lincoln's Toof Puff

Spencer's Toof Puff
not sure what kind of face Lincoln's making here
We knew Spencer's second tooth was pretty wiggly before we left, so we made sure we packed his tooth fairy pillow.  When we finally made it to bed, he put it right under his pillow.  He thought it was so cool to have the tooth fairy visit a hotel!

Spencer's pretending to be asleep
the next morning---a gold dollar!!!
checking out the morning beach scene,  excited to get down there!

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