April 24, 2011

Road Trip Endeavour-Day 3-Easter breakfast

Some of you may not think this is blog worthy, but due to the fact that I LOVE it when other people cook and clean dishes for me I think it is.  On Easter morning we were in Charlotte, NC at the downtown Marriott.  We got everyone to bed fairly early last night, so we are fully recovered from our drive through the night.  Everyone woke up happy and hungry.  Early showers and downstairs for a delish Easter breakfast.  

Lincoln & Spencer
headed down the hall for their
 favorite meal of the day

They have a really nice breakfast buffet, plus a full wait staff.  That way you don't have to carry all the drinks and made to order stuff for five people, but you still have a full buffet to choose from.  Another bonus (HUGE) is that kids under 5 eat free! Boy did we make out on that deal.  These boys really pack it away at breakfast.
Jax & Mommy

1st course-veggie & three cheese omelet

Now we are fully refueled and ready for our first lighthouse adventure of the trip!  Next stop, Tybee Island!
good thing we got a van!

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