April 28, 2011

Road Trip Endeavour-Day 7-Lighthouse Landing

After exploring the Ponce De Leon Inlet Lighthouse we were ready for some lunch.  I spotted the Lighthouse Landing across the street immediately.  John wanted to drive around to see if there was something that looked any better.  He thought it was too convenient to be very good.  We drove around a little bit on the inlet.  There were a couple other restaurants that were probably pretty good, but I talked him into going back.  I said even if it's not that good the kids will have fun.  Plus, it's a replica of the lighthouse we just toured.  How could it not be fun!?!


We were all so glad we went.  The food was excellent and it was  the most fun lunch experience of the entire vacation!  I had the blackened mahi mahi and John had a grouper sandwich.  But the delicious fish was only part of the fun.  It was such a relaxing laid back atmosphere.  We sat on the deck overlooking the water.  There was a big tree growing right through the deck with a sign that said, "WANTED-one eyed Pete-CRIMES AGAINST DINERS-watch your corn & fries".  So funny. Then Pete came up on the tree, right next to Spencer.  So, the waitress said the boys could feed  him fries.  The squirrels around there have some high cholesterol. 

grouper sandwich
blackened mahi mahi

While we were still having fun with Pete, the waitress came up and told us about "Joey".  Joey is a crane that sometimes comes to visit.  While she was still talking about him, he came in for a landing and stood on the table next to us.  He was just hanging out watching everyone, then she came out with some shrimp and fed him.  You probably wouldn't want to eat any food that fell on the table, but it was so fun.

a boat you can eat on

Joey (the resident crane) coming in for a landing

watching Joey
the waitress was feeding him shrimp

cute baby
sitting on a torpedo
Joey followed us through the
restaurant on the way out

the real lighthouse in the background

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