April 28, 2011

Road Trip Endeavour-Day 7-Daytona Harley

Tomorrow is supposed to be the Endeavour launch, so this is our last full day in Daytona.  We can't leave without showing the boys the world famous Bruce Rossmeyer's Harley-Davidson store.  It's the largest Harley dealer in the world!  The boys LOVE motorcycles.  John can't wait to start them on dirt bikes.  He thinks they need to wait until they're seven.  I think seventeen.  We might need to compromise.  They finally just started saying motorcycle the right way this year.  They've been calling them "moanin cycles" until recently.  I guess they are growing up.  Anyway, back to the shop.  They have an unbelievable amount of bikes, a huge maintenance department that you can watch from a window and  tons of clothing and accessories.  If Harley makes it, you can find it here!  It's also like a museum.  There are tons of vintage bikes and lots of cool decor inside.
Elvis statue

Spencer's favorite
Lincoln's favorite

Elvis's autographed bike
"pretty little maidens all in a row"

heading upstairs

watching the maintenance department

Now we need to finish out this action packed day with a picnic on the beach.   We will miss you, Daytona!!

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