April 27, 2011

Road Trip Endeavour-beach front home base

This is our home base for the week  -- The Daytona Hilton.  By the time we decided to go the Endeavour launch, we were at the mercy of Hilton to find us a hotel on the beach in the closest city possible to the Kennedy Space Center.  John is a Hilton gold member and we wanted to use his reward points.  It worked out great.  It's a huge hotel, but it never seemed overcrowded. We were also right in the middle of Ocean Walk Village, so we could walk to everything. On the days when we were out doing stuff all day, it's nice to just walk to dinner & not have to drive anymore. We also had a beach view and a full breakfast to start each day.What more could you want?

huge hotel-both buildings
the boys life jacket drying on the balcony
view from our room


  1. Good post! My family and I were just down in Daytona this winter and also stayed at the Hilton! And somehow I got suckered into buying the "take home" glasses from Bubba Gump Shrimp. :) Too bad the pier was closed when we were there. Was it still closed on your trip?

  2. Thank you! Yep, still closed. Our Bubba Gump post will be coming soon! Didn't buy the take homes, but did spend a few bucks in the gift shop.

  3. Bummer. It's an even better spot with the pier but still a great stretch of beach/shops/restaurants/etc. We'll definitely be back.


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