April 27, 2011

Road Trip Endeavour-Day 6-life is like a box of chocolates

"Anyway, like I was sayin', shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey's uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There's pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich. That- that's about it."-Bubba Gump

beautiful stage along our beach walk

After our full day at the beach, we showered up & walked on down to find some grub.  Keep in mind that they boys have had a full tiring day of sun and worn out break downs could happen at any moment.  We had to find someplace with a decent noise level and an entertaining environment.  As soon as we saw Bubba Gump, we new a good time would be had by all. You never know how the food will be in a theme restaurant will be, but it was delish.  The boys food came in a shrimp boat. What kid isn't going to love that?  John had a big bucket of shrimp and I had grilled mahi mahi-so fresh and yummy!

you flip the sign when you want service-
the boys thought that was hilarious
mahi mahi--mmmmmmmm
we were tucked away in a nice little room with one other family
back at the hotel

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