April 24, 2011

Road Trip Endeavour-Day 3-Cockspur Island Lighthouse

location-Cockspur Island, GA
active beacon-yes, now solar powered
players-Jen, John, Lincoln, Spencer and Jackson

So, after Easter breakfast, we're back in the van.  We're on our way to Tybee Island to see our first two out of state lighthouses.
from here on out I never drive on this vacation again-
okay with me!

car bingo-super fun!

neck pillows don't help when
 you sleep folded in half

so sweet!
this kid has NEVER
been a napper

South Carolina-WHOO HOO!

first time the boys ever saw real palm trees

Georgia-WE MADE IT!!!!
welcome to Tybee Island
The Cockspur Island Lighthouse is located on the eastern end of Cockspur Island and marks the southern end of the Savannah River.  The only way to access this light is by boat, by land it was very hard to locate.  We had the way points so, we were going by what Tom Tom told us while we were on Tybee Island.  It wanted us to go down a dirt path that was private property owned by a dolphin tour company.  There was a worker at the beginning of the path.  We explained to her that we only wanted a view of the lighthouse and to take pictures.  She looked at us very strangely and told us that is it private property, but let us do it anyway.  (I think there is a park that you can hike on to get a view too, but that just wasn't possible with our current situation.)  Cockspur Island is pretty much made up of oyster shells and it wasn't even visible with the high tides.  The lighthouse and a tiny bit of island surrounding it was all we could see.  Apparently, it was deactivated in 1909, but in 2007 was relit with a solar powered beacon.  In 1958, the lighthouse was transferred to the National Park Service from the United States Coast Guard.  They would like to restore it, but it will probably be several more years before the money is available.
Cockspur Island Lighthouse
we asked a guy to take our picture in front of the lighthouse--
I think it's behind my head--he he

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