April 27, 2011

Road Trip Endeavour-Day 6-morning gut busting

Good morning!!!

What a way to start a day!  This is our first of many delicioso outdoor morning extravaganzas at the Daytona Hilton!  We really know how to strap the feed bag on at breakfast buffets!  My favs were the made to order omelets (spinach, tomato, green onion and feta) and biscuits and gravy!  When I'm on vacation and at restaurants I generally like to eat two to three times as much as I normally eat. It's all part of the vacay.  The boys pounded down lots of oats, dozens of eggs and probably about five pounds of fresh fruit each.  Eating all this while watching the waves crash on the beach and the warm ocean breezes, you just can't beat it.

humans aren't the only ones that enjoy a nice outdoor breakfast

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