January 11, 2012

Diane Keaton-lighthouse lover

Right before Christmas, John and I got to have a last minute get away in Aspen, CO.  Well, it was last minute for me.  John was scheduled to go there for work and I was able to join him.  There was some work for him, but lots of down time.  That means this mommy got a much needed break!  woo hoo

Obviously, there aren't any lighthouses in the mountains, so I won't go into details about the trip. But, while I waiting relaxing at the airport, I had the chance to catch up on my magazines that I am usually two to three months behind on.  I was reading through the December issue of Elle Decor (actually read this one the same month it was issued) and I came across the "12 things she can't live without" page.  I love that page.  Every month it features a designer or a celebrity and they tell you about their top 12 favorite things. This month Diane Keaton was featured.  Check out Diane's number 9 -- historic lighthouses!  How cool.  Way to go Diane.  If you ever restore one, we will be sure to visit!!  If it's open to the public, of course.  Or by personal invitation.  Can you imagine?

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