July 16, 2012

Port Huron Museum

Our last stop of the day, after visiting the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse, the Thomas Edison Depot Museum, and the Huron Lightship, was the Port Huron Museum.  The building itself it a really cool historic building, built in 1904.  It used to house the Carnegie Library.  The museum opened in 1968 and started out with an all volunteer staff.  They now have quite a few employees, it's nice to see efforts like this that end up thriving!  They have some fine arts, but most displays teach about local history in the Bluewater area and the Great Lakes.  They have an entire floor dedicated to maritime history.  That is the part the boys loved.  Obviously, we didn't delve to deeply into history lessons with two four year olds and a big baby, but they had a lot of fun checking out all the displays.  The lady working at the desk said the boys could even ring the bell!  Definitely a highlight.

ringing the bell

replica of the Huron Lightship

this is an entire room built to look like the inside of a ship

ringing the bells
peek a boo--I see you behind the wheel

Lincoln loves to pose with
 Abraham Lincoln whenever he see him

mock up of the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse compound

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