July 2, 2012

Miller Lite House

We've been living in the Grand Rapids area for about 5 1/2 years now and we've still never been to a baseball game.  We've taken the kids to Tigers games in Detroit and Beach Bums games in Traverse City, but never a Whitecaps game in our own town.  Time to fix that!  

Lincoln and Spencer actually earned free tickets to a Whitecaps game from their school reading program.  So, on the Saturday before Memorial Day we finally took them.  Saturdays are fun at the ball park, they always have fireworks following the game.

Lincoln is waving his flag in honor of Memorial Day.

I'm pretty sure it's illegal to go to a baseball game and not get the kids hot dogs. At the very least, it's unAmerican, so we had to get them.  The boys fully enjoyed their kids meals.  They come with a hot dog, chips, cookies and lemonade.  John and I had gyros.  So, basically, a free game easily sets you back about 50 bucks.  But, it was really fun.

Before we even got to the game, Spencer was examining his Whitecaps schedule and map of the ball park.  He said there was a lighthouse on the map and wanted to find it right away.  I wasn't really sure what he was talking about, but he was right!  Across the field there it was -- the Miller Lite House.  It was pretty cool that the Whitecaps recognized their need for a lighthouse.  My only complaint is that is didn't actually light up, but it was still a nice touch.

Since the boys started playing t-ball this year, they were really into the game.  There are a few more rules in baseball than in t-ball.  For one thing, they actually have outs and another is not every player makes all the way around the bases.

After the game, we stayed for the fireworks.  What a perfect way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend. Lincoln and Spencer loved it.  Jackson started out a little nervous, but he did pretty well.  We just had to keep telling him how fun it was and how pretty all the colors were.

As you can see in the fireworks pics above, the boys were fully awake and having fun.  They were even being their silly selves on the way to the car.  Two minutes after we started driving this happened. Spencer put on his car pillow and then fell over asleep.  He folds in half when he falls asleep in the car. Lincoln fell asleep sitting up.  Jackson made it home awake.


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