May 1, 2011

Road Trip Endeavour-Day 10-Ron Jon Resort

Well, this is our last day in Florida, whether the Endeavour launches or not.  We were keeping close tabs on in all day yesterday, which is not an easy task.  The reports seemed to go both ways at any given time, but as the day got later, it was looking more like it would be a bigger fix than they originally thought.  Even though we are super bummed that we will never get to witness a launch with the kids, we are still glad we extended the vacation and had a couple days in Cocoa Beach.  We love family vacays, so any extra time is awesome!  
Anyway, we decided to go out with a bang on our last day.  We spent the day at the Ron Jon Resort.  This is one cool resort!  They are right on the beach and they have a water park on site.  The kids opted for that.  They love the beach, but we've been staying on the beach for 10 days.  They were ready for some chlorine.

Just thought I'd put a couple elevator shots in, since this is one of their favorite parts of staying in hotels!

Spencer-in the middle
Lincoln-in the middle
inside the lobby
view of the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse from the resort

lazy river
not so lazy for mommy
this was our only day in the 90's--good timing
the 5th bullet is a very good rule
awww-so cute!

They had a great pool side restaurant.  You could eat inside if you wanted or just eat it pool side.  They food was really good and it was so relaxing.  Most people didn't seem to make an entire day out of the water park, so by the time we had dinner it was pretty quiet.  We had lunch on site, too.  None of the kids wanted to leave, not even Jax.
waiting for our dinner order
yum yum
we closed that place down!

that's one satisfied baby

we LOVE the Space Coast!

all clean

fell asleep before the lights went out

awww-love the butt in the air

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