May 23, 2011

Peche Island Lighthouse

location-Marine City, MI
deactivated -1982
players-Jen, Lincoln, Spencer, Jackson and Grandpa

After our accidental discovery of The Colony and our car ferry ride to Harsens Island to check out the four range lights we had one final light to explore.  Our last stop of the day was the quiet little town of Marine City, the current home of the Peche Island Lighthouse.  Interestingly enough, it's original home was on a crib, off of (wait for it) Peche Island, in Lake St. Clair.  Marine City is located in southern St. Clair County and is known for being the former ship building center of the Great Lakes.  The lighthouse is located right downtown in the "Nautical Mile".   The river front is really pretty and well maintained.  I hear they have a great beach, but it was a little to chilly for that this time.

anchors away!
snack time

Another cool thing about Marine City is that it's directly across the river from Ontario, Canada.  We plan on taking advantage of that car ferry and visiting some Canadian lighthouses in the near future.  I already have my passport and my sister got her enhanced license yesterday.  I've been to Canada hundreds of times and never knew about the car ferry option.  Hopefully, we can take the kids next summer!

Canada-right across the river

watching to car ferry to Ontario

the welcome committee on the car ferry

The Peche Island Lighthouse was built in 1908 and was used as the rear range light.  This was actually a replacement light.  The original light was called "Isle Aux Peches Range", and was built in 1896.  (It means, isle of fish.)  The range lights marked the channel from Lake St. Clair to the entrance of the Detroit River.  When the light was originally built it was 56 feet tall.  In 1926, 10 more feet were added to it, making it 66 feet tall.  In 1982, the light was decommissioned and scheduled to be dismantled.  It was in pretty rough shaped by this time and had a pretty big lean. 
The local residents, being so proud of their rich maritime history, couldn't bear the thought of the light being used for scrap metal.  They raised the funds to buy the light and have it moved to the banks of the St. Clair River.  After being taken apart and reassembled the light now stands at 60 feet tall.  Now we can all get to see this piece of history us close and personal.
After the light was taken down it was replaced with a skeletal steel tower with an orange and white daymark.
For those of you lighthouse passporters, there is a stamp available at the Marine City Chamber of Commerce.  It's located right downtown by the light, but they are only open until 1pm.  Unfortunately, we didn't make it on time. We'll have to stop in when we take our trip to Ontario.

plaque on the light

Marine City fire department memorial

Grandpa & Jax

sacked out

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