May 2, 2011

Road Trip Endeavour-Great Great Aunt Dutch

We are finally on our way home.  We had a great family vacay in Florida.  Even though we ended up missing the Endeavour launch, we were still happy to have a couple extra days of pure sunshine. But, before heading back to the mitten, we do have one more stop to make.  No Stewart family road trip is complete without a visit to the cutest little town in the south--Gainesboro, Tennessee--the home of Great Great Aunt Dutch!  Around there she's know as the former 3 term mayor.  She did that in retirement after having a fabulous globe trotting career. She is one remarkable lady and an unbelievable aunt!!

It was an all day drive from Cocoa Beach, FL, so we didn't get there until dark, but Aunt Dutch was ready.  She had a full meal waiting for us, complete with coffee for the boys.  Aunt Dutch is my great aunt, so the kids great great aunt.  She has been giving coffee to kids since she became an aunt, three generations ago.  They boys are only allowed to have it when we visit her.  She has a special recipe for kids--90% milk, 10% coffee.  And she still serves it in the same tiny china cups that my generation used to use when we visited her in Chicago when we were little.

this year
last year
watching the rain
this year's pic-April 2011
last year's pic-April 2010
finally heading home
our favorite sign to see after a long road trip
ahhhhh, Pure Michigan!!

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