May 27, 2011

Thomas Edison Depot Museum

After we were done exploring the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse, we headed over to the Thomas Edison Depot Museum.  It is in an actual historic depot.  It was built in 1858 by the Grand Trunk Railroad, and was originally called the Fort Gratiot Depot.  What a perfect place for it.  Thomas Edison actually used to work there between 1859 and 1863.  He used to sell candy, newspapers, snacks and fruit on the train.  

the depot is right under the Blue Water Bridge
The museum consists of the depot and a restored baggage car.  It tells the story of a young Thomas Alva Edison who struggled in school (his mother ended up pulling him out of school and home schooling him) to the adult who invented many things, such as the phonograph, the motion picture camera and the light bulb.  It's a very hands on museum and  keeps the kids attention. They also have a little theater room that tells story of his life.  This is a great place to visit, they've really done a  great job with the place.  Anytime kids can see such interesting displays it really helps them remember what they learned.  I'm not sure how much my kids will retain, since the oldest ones are only four, but we'll have to go again when they are older.  

this exhibit shows when Edison's mother stood up to the teacher on his behalf
(not the weird dude at the desk--that's Grandpa ;'))
this exhibit shows a young Edison selling the newspapers
 that he published and sold at age 12
(that dude in the back keeps showing up everywhere)
inside the baggage car
I think Grandpa's taking "hands on" to a new level

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