May 14, 2012

Spring Break 2012 - Day 2 - downtown Atlanta

One of our favorite things about vacations is eating. We love trying out local restaurants. We also love walking cities.  It's so nice to enjoy the warm weather and not have to pile back in the car mini-van.  Especially since we were in the car forever the day before and we left such frigid temps back home.  
Our hotel was in a great location, about five walking minutes from the Georgia Aquarium. So, after we said good bye to all the sea creatures we worked up a pretty big appetite. John did some research (he checked his phone) and discovered a brewery, Max Lagers.  It was only a couple minutes away and we wanted to walk around and get some fresh air anyway.  

John went over and put our names in, it was about a 45 minute wait.  That turned out to be perfect.  There was a park right across the street and the boys needed to burn off some energy. The aquarium was tons of fun and there was a lot of walking around, but they needed to RUN!

By the time our table was ready, we were all ready to sit down and chill.  This place met all of our requirements--casual, family friendly, great beverages, yummy food, friendly staff.

yep, that's mine
looks like we didn't have a problem cleaning our plates

It was dark out by the time we got out of there and, as you can see, Jackson is about done with this day.  We were all ready to walk back and hit the sack.  Another big day tomorrow!  

the tall blue building is our hotel
in front of our hotel fountain

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