May 29, 2012

Spring Break 2012 - Day 4 - favorite way to start the day

This is our second year staying at the Daytona Hilton.  One of our favorite things about it is starting every day with a delicious breakfast on the outdoor patio overlooking the ocean.  I LOVE eating outside.  It really kicks it up a notch if there is an ocean involved!  It's sooooo relaxing, even with three boys 5 and under.

They really put on a good spread here.  When I'm on vacation, there's not much food control.  I always start with a made to order omelet, a couple slices of bacon, fresh fruit and whatever else looks good.  And, I always conclude with a biscuit and gravy.  I definitely don't eat like this at home, but there are no rules on the road!
The kids actually do eat pretty healthy.  They go nuts with the fresh fruit selection and the unlimited cottage cheese.  At home, they usually eat pretty healthy in the morning, so that's what they pick out anyways.  

first course

next course
our feathered friends

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