May 30, 2012

Spring Break 2012 - Day 4 - perfect day at the beach

After stuffing our faces at breakfast, we ran back up to our room (literally) grabbed our beach stuff and set up for a full day of sun and sand!  The kids were so excited, I was too!  Daytona is a driving beach, but the part of the beach that the hotel is on really isn't.  The only cars that can drive that stretch are the chair rentals, lifeguards and the ice cream truck.  The kids think it's fun seeing vehicles on the beach, but there are so few and they move so slow that there's no danger.

view from our room
Daytona International Speedway monument

It was the perfect beach weather.  We stayed out until it was time to get cleaned up for dinner. The kids had so much fun digging and playing in the waves.  Jackson didn't go too far out, but he thought the little waves were pretty fun.  Lincoln and Spencer took swimming lessons over the winter, so they didn't have much fear.  In fact, I wish Spencer did have a little more fear, that kid is crazy out there!  Lincoln is a little more cautious.  


ready for a surf board?

It was a perfect first day in Florida!  The key to having a fun day is lots of snacks, drinks, toys and shade for when they need a little break (which isn't often).  Then splitting up when it's time for the fun to end.  I usually head back first and get Jackson and I showered and ready.  When we are all set, I give John the signal and he heads up with the other two.  While they are showering, I get their clothes all laid out so they can get dressed quickly.  That way we can get to dinner before any whining occurs.  We had a super fun night planned that we surprised them with, so we needed everything to run smoothly....

Spencer, Lincoln and John-
pic taken from our balcony

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