May 23, 2012

Spring Break 2012 - Day 3 - on the road again

We spent a few hours at the World of Coca-Cola, then we loaded up and headed out.  We checked out of the hotel before Coke, so we had an easy get away.  Now it's-FLORIDA OR BUST!  

8 more hours to our final destination

Atlanta was a great place for a layover and we were so glad we stayed two nights.  It was like a mini vacay, before the big one.  We were all feeling refreshed and ready to hit the road again. Our first gas/potty stop was at one of those peanut plantation gas station/gift shops.  John took the boys in for a potty break and they found a gift for mommy while they were in there. Normally, we don't make a lot of gas station gift shop purchases.  But, I have to admit this was a good find.  They got me a 97¢ wooden painted lighthouse.  So cute and so thoughtful of my little 5 year olds and their daddy!

Yay, the Florida welcome sign!  Ever since I was little and would go on Florida road trips with my family I would get so excited when we would start seeing the Ron Jon billboards.  It means we're getting very very close to our final destination.

woo hoo!  Welcome to Florida!

When it was time for a dinner break, we wanted something fast.  We were hoping to find a Chick-Fil-A, but no luck.  John spotted a Zaxby's and wanted to try it.  I admit I was leery.  I'm not a big fan of trying out new fast food restaurants on the road.  There wasn't a big selection where we were, so we went for it.  It ended up being really good!  It was clean, fast, super friendly and quality ingredients.  I was really impressed, maybe one day they will come to Michigan.

By the time we got out of there the darkness had fallen.  Just a couple more hours until Daytona Beach!  The big boys weren't in the sleeping mood, but baby J was.

ready to read with their worm pen books with ear buds in
my sweet baby

When we finally got to the hotel, we checked in and unloaded.  I unpacked everything and got us all set up with the big boys, while John and Jackson parked.  Then when they came up, I took Lincoln and Spencer for a walk on the beach.  We stayed at the same hotel last year and they were so excited to be back!  Tomorrow's big plans are leisurely waking up, strapping on the feed bag at the breakfast buffet and hitting the beach!

looks like their on the moon, but it's really the beach at night
Daytona Beach clock tower
our hotel-from the beach

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