June 22, 2012

giving away the whole world giveaway

Each of my boys have a theme in their bedrooms.  Jackson's is maps.  Before he was born we painted it green, put up the orange curtains, anchored the dresser to the wall, put the shelf above it and put in an extra outlet above the shelf to plug in his night light and baby camera.  I don't like to have any cords within reach of children.  Safety first.  The first two boys put us through the ringer, so I can handle anything this one boy can throw at me.
So, his room started out with several different large maps, like the one pictured below, behind Jackson.  Originally, they looked really nice.  I hung them with command it strips behind the maps.  Over time, they were destroyed.  One was thrown away. I still have one up high behind the door and I actually relocated this United States map below it, also behind the door.  It's not the prettiest anymore.  As you can see, I've resorted to blue painters tape to hang it.  I was tired of buying command it strips and regular tape wrecks the drywall.  But, we do actually use it a lot.  So, until I get a replacement,  it will stay.
Anyway, John and I really want the boys to be able to see what's beyond our city limits.  So, we have decided to take two family vacations every year.  Spring break will always be out of state, location to be determined on a year by year basis.  And a summer full family vacation (grandparents, aunts and uncles and dogs) on a northern Michigan lake.  This location will also vary from year to year.  We hope to see lots and lots of our beautiful state and eventually all 129 Michigan lighthouses!
It's great to be able to look at large maps together.  That way we can all get a visual of the place we are talking about.  It makes it more relateable and understandable to all of us (not just kids).  We can also reference the maps after reading books or talking about where various family members live. 

no longer in great condition

When maps.com sent us this giant Wallzilla world map, we were beyond thrilled.  Wallzilla Wall Stickers are awesome.  They are actually a light adhesive fabric, not paper.  They stick right to the wall! And, they are easily removable and restickable in case you ever want to move it.

Jackson was very excited to receive his package and wanted to get right in and help.  But, since he's only two, I enlisted Grandpa to help me.  It's definitely a two person job, because of the size.  We marked our lines with a laser level and started gradually peeling off the back and smoothing as we went. It actually went on really easily.  I was a little nervous about the bubbles, but they smoothed right out.  Now that it's up I don't see a single bubble or wrinkle.
On the shelf above the dresser he has his baby camera, his gnome and his light up globe.
We use the globe for his night light.  It has a little switch on the shelf that only adults can reach.
There is a bad glare on the artwork, but it is a United States license plate map printed on wood.
This is a close up of Jackson's name above his closet.  I crafted this myself.
This is a close up of the
 globe knobs on the closet.

John grew up in Indiana and made this clock in wood shop.
Looks like an A+ to me!
These are above his crib, very strongly secured to the walls.
Michigan lighthouse map.  We bought this at the Grand Traverse Lighthouse.
The map is on a foam board, then I framed it without glass.
This is a very cool and made in Michigan.  It's actual license plates.
Jackson points to it and says, "that's my Michigan", so cute.

This giant map is an awesome learning tool and so colorful and fun to look at.  I can't even believe how perfectly it goes with his room!  The green on the walls, the orange curtains, it even picks up the colors on the toy baskets hanging below it.  It couldn't have been more perfect!

we got the whole world in our hands
Full disclosure--Maps.com sent us this map for free to review and give our honest opinion of.  I have to be completely honest--I love it!!!  I seriously can't get enough of it.  Every time I start to walk by Jackson's room I go in and just stare at it.  The kids love it, too!  I think every kids home needs a map on the wall that they can look at without getting anything out.  We love the Wallzilla Wall Stickers, it's much more durable than the paper maps we already went through.  It's been up for about two weeks so far and still looks brand spankin' new.  They have a lot more products, too --  globes, map markers, every kind of map you could ever think of, they even make custom maps!  Check them out, they would make awesome gifts!!

picking out our next destination
Here's the news you've all been waiting for Maps.com has offered to give away a large size World Deluxe Wallzilla map to one lucky reader!!!  The dimensions are 63" x 43"!!! Retail value is $155!!!!!  Holy cow!  I can hardly believe it myself!!!  Good luck!

PRIZE:  Large (63" x 43") World Deluxe Wallzilla Map $155 value
TO ENTER:   Fill out the form below.  Bonus entry for posting a lighthouse pic on our FB page.
GIVEAWAY CLOSES:  June 28, 2012 midnight
RULES:  Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary to enter.  Winner will be selected using random.org and announced as an update to this post on Friday.  I will also notify the winner by email. You also must agree to have FUN explorations of your own with your family.  U.S. shipping addresses only.

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