June 18, 2012

Spring Break 2012 - Day 8 - heading home

Our last morning was bittersweet.  We were getting excited to get back to our own house and our own beds, but it was sad to say goodbye to the ocean and our care free living.  I LOVE family vacations!  Our plan was to eat, load the car and head on out.  We were going to drive to Gainesboro, TN and spend the night at the boys Great, Great Aunt Dutch's house (my grandma's sister).  This is our third year in a row taking the boys to visit her. 
our last Florida sunrise :'(
just finished our last outdoor beach view breakfast :'(
this is the view from across the hall on our floor
Spence is taking it in one last time
welcome to Georgia sign

Yay, we made it to Georgia!  The traffic on the way back home was so much better.  I think we may have beat most of the traffic by a day, since we were planning on spending the night at Aunt Dutch's.

At this point of the vacay, we could honestly use a little break from restaurants.  So, the night before we left, John ran to Publix and got us some subs.  yummy.  When it got to be around lunch time we found a Georgia rest area and had a picnic.  This was a welcome break for all of us.  It was actually a really wooded place with tons of picnic tables.  It was really peaceful and the kids got to run and play for a little while.

We got to Aunt Dutch's pretty late and the kids were really tired.  We unpacked and got the kids settled in right away.  Unpacking was actually really quick.  The majority of our clothes were dirty, so I just packed enough stuff for two days in one bag for all three kids.  They were out within minutes.  

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