June 21, 2012

Lincoln's first tooth fairy visit

So, Lincoln has had a pretty wiggly tooth for about a week.  He wouldn't let me pull it out. Since he's never lost one yet he was pretty scared it would hurt.  It was getting to the point where I was worried about him choking on it in his sleep.  I had to get it out of there.  While I was giving him his bath that night I told him I needed to wash his chin really good and I needed him to open his mouth really wide.  I don't know why he fell for that.  I've never had him open his mouth in the tub before, but anyway I grabbed it out really quick.  He didn't even know it happened.  Sometimes a mommy has to do what she has to do.  After he realized what happened (and that there was no pain) he was super excited!

After Lincoln got his jams on, I told him I wanted to take his picture.  He got all excited and ran downstairs.  I couldn't figure out where he was going or why.  I found him posing under the only piece of lighthouse art we have in our entire house.  He said he wanted to be on the blog! He's so cute!!!!

the tooth fairy came!

Apparently, the tooth fairy thought this was blog worthy, too!  She brought Lincoln a gold Statue of Liberty dollar.  The mother of all lighthouses!!!

missing tooth
full set
lots of missing teeth in this kid's mouth

When Spencer lost his first tooth last year, we had a special day for him.  Since Lincoln lost his at bed time we made the next day his special day.  After school, we headed downtown for a picnic.  We got some dogs to go and ate them by the water.  Then we went for a hike on the trail and did a turtle search in the river.  There were a lot of them that day.

looking for turtles
found some!

When we got home, the fun still wasn't over.  We had a movie night.  The boys are playing t-ball this year, so they really wanted to watch "The Sandlot".


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