June 5, 2012

Spring Break 2012 - Day 5 - Gatorland

We spent our second day in Florida at Gatorland.  They've been around since 1949.  They know what their doing.  It's about a 1/2 day of fun.  On the day we went it wasn't overcrowded, so it was pretty easy to get around the park.  They boys were amazed by this place.

Apparently, gators like to hang out in piles.  There were some off hanging out alone, but most of them just pile on top of each other.  Check out the pictures below.  There is even a turtle hanging out in the alligator pile.  I guess gators don't eat turtle.

turtle that thinks he's a gator
that is one HUGE hide

After walking around for a while, we took in a couple shows.  The pics below are the gator wrestling show.  The gator wrestler gets in a sand pit with a bunch of gators, lets a kid pick one out for him.  Then he wrestles it.  CrAzY!  He said they rotate which ones get wrestled, so they don't get annoyed or too worn out.  They actually don't put up much of a fight, but they don't seem to mind it either.  Even so, I would not want my face anywhere near an alligators chomping jaws.

this dude is CRAZY!!!
sleeping gator

Next, we headed to the swamp walk.  It's a wooden walkway that goes in a big winding circle through a swamp.  There aren't any gators roaming around in there, but there are a lot of other creatures.  Lincoln spotted a snake.  They have a lot of informational signs throughout the swamp, so you can learn all about how swamps work.

Hilton backpacks worn EVERYWHERE
look what Lincoln found
the sign says, "GOOSE, no DUCK, silly. Watch your head."
umm, excuse me....that's NOT a log your standing on
This albino gator is one mean dude.  The sign said that one of
 his favorite foods before his capture was dogs. :'(

Just when you can't take the heat, you hit Gator Gully Splash Park.  Most of the park is pretty well shaded, but they can't do anything about the 90+ degree temp, except throw some water on you.  The kids had a lot of fun here.  It's a pretty nice set up.  They have some sections for big kids and some with less water dumpage for the little kids.  The boys just wore their swim suits to Gatorland and by the time we were done and back at the car they were dry. 

uh oh - Spencer & Lincoln stew
The Express Railroad goes through the park.
This is the original train, the "Iron Horse."
 It retired in 2000, after 35 years of loyal service.
this is the new train
flamingo lagoon

We finished up with the giant turtles.  They were all just laying around soaking up the rays and not moving.  Then I said I wanted to take some pics and the photogenic guy below got all excited.  He lifted up his head and looked at me.  Then he walked all the way over to us.  He was such a nice guy. ;')

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