June 19, 2012

Spring Break 2012 - Day 8 - Great Great Aunt Dutch

cutest little town in the south

We love visiting our Aunt Dutch.  (Check out last year's visit - here.) She is my Grandma's sister, so that makes her Great, Great Aunt Dutch to the boys.  She has always been a very reliable, very involved and very loving aunt.  She would do anything to help her family.  She doesn't make it up to Michigan much anymore, so we think it's really important to take the kids to see her every year.  
When I was growing up Aunt Dutch lived in Chicago and we saw her a lot, but her family was in Gainesboro.  We used to visit Tennessee quite often or stop through on the way to Florida, too.  One time Aunt Dutch met my cousin and I in Michigan and flew us to Tennessee for a week without our parents.  We still talk about that.  After she retired, she moved from Chicago to Gainesboro, to take care of her mom.  I think she had some culture shock for a while.  (I think sometimes she still does.)  Then she decided she needed something to do.  She studied all the law books for a couple years, then ran for mayor.  She served for three terms.  She is also heavily involved in several charities.

coffee and stories
Yes, that is chocolate chip cookie cereal.
There are no rules at Aunt Dutch's house.
busted trying to sneak in to wake up Spencer
reading Jackson a book

When I was little and we would visit Aunt Dutch in Chicago, she would pull out these tiny little coffee cups and let us (my sister, brother and I) drink coffee.  We always thought that was so fun, like we were getting away with something.  Now I know, it consists of 90% milk, a spoonful of sugar and a tiny bit of coffee.  She still has the same coffee cups and now when my kids visit her, they get to do the same thing.  It's so fun watching them.  Jackson is two this year, so this is his first time.  She pulled out an even smaller cup for him.  He was really excited and a little unsure.  He kept watching his brothers to see how to do it.  They are professionals, this is their third year.  

Jackson getting his first ever cup of coffee
looking to his brothers for guidance
they are pros-this is their third year drinking coffee at Aunt Dutch's

After coffee and breakfast, we headed outside.  The boys (including John) love to look at Aunt Dutch's old car.  It's small and red, so they think it's a sports car.  Then we walked around the yard and talked to the neighbors (the sheep next door) and played a little.  Then it was time to get back in the car for the next leg of our journey.  We had about a 12 hour drive to my parents.  We were going to be there for Easter, then head home.  Unfortunately, it was a short visit at Aunt Dutch's this year, but we are glad we got to see her.

the boys love to check out her old sports car
lion head in the brick wall
meeting the neighbors
Aunt Dutch had these signs put in during her first term as Mayor


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