June 6, 2012

Spring Break 2012 - Day 5 - Ginormous McDonalds in the World

Hanging out with all those gators at Gatorland made us hungry.  Since we already drove all the way to Orlando, we wanted to find a fun and super casual place to take the kids for dinner. They were still in their swimsuits, after all.  So, we took them to McDonald's.  But, not just any McDonald's, it was the world's largest entertainment McDonald's and play place.  The place was GINORMOUS!  It was two floors of fun!

The menu was insane.  In addition to the regular McDonald's fare they have a bistro gourmet menu.  John got a grilled chicken burrito (sorry, I forgot to take a pic before we cut it) and I had the alfredo tortellini.  The kids, of course, were not willing to risk trying something new.  They all had chicken nugget happy meals.  When we were done, we had some NY style cheesecake. I have to admit, I was a little skepdidadasical that McDonald's could pull it off.  I mean, I know they mastered the Big Mac and fries, but Mexican and Italian?  But, I have to admit, they did it. It really was good.

The eating area is on the main level and it's huge.  It's broken up into several different sections.  There are some regular looking areas and some retro areas.  We sat near Mac Tonight and got to see him perform live for us!  In case, you don't remember Mac Tonight, check out the commercial below.

Mac Tonight
aquarium seating

After we were done eating, we headed upstairs to get our game on.  The kids thought this was coolest McDonald's ever!  Now, every time we pass a normal McDonald's they say, "bye bye, small fry!".

I'm luvin it!

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