June 1, 2012

Stewart Family Amazon Store

We opened ourselves an Amazon store!  As much as we love our little blog, it doesn't pay the bills.  It doesn't even pay for itself.  So, to try to offset some of the blogging costs, I have opened up the Stewart Family Amazon Store.  If you have a few minutes, check it out, it's pretty fun. Every item in the store are things that we actually use on road trips, day trips or general exploring.

I'm not going to hound or annoy people by begging for sales.  I simply put a link at the top of the blog that says, shop.  When you click on it, it will open up the store.  Every item is also something that we like enough to actually recommend.  I wouldn't put anything in there if it didn't like it for myself and my family.  I stocked it with things that make life easier when traveling with kids.  Some items are just pure fun.  They are all broken down into the categories on the right. And just to be up front about everything, even if you just to buy something completely different and entered Amazon through our store, we would still get credit for the referral.  Thanks for stopping by!!!

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